39 Summertime Grilling Recipes for National Grilling Month

7/5/2019By Kira Hovancik

It is officially summer. That means it is time to break out the grill and start grilling! Since it’s National Grilling Month, we figured go big and grill at home.


Lucky, we have saved you the time of looking up new, grilling recipes to try out this summer. Conveniently, they are all linked down in respective categories to keep you organized and efficient when planning your next grilling feast. 


Just about anything can be thrown on a grill from fruits to veggies, delicious proteins, to desserts, you name it! A grill is a great cooking vessel to help bring a great smokey flavor to any food you cook on it. We have curated some great grilling recipes for you to try out this summer that you can use for any special occasion or weeknight dinner.


Grilled Fruit Recipes


Grilling fruit on the grill brings out the natural sweetness of the sugars in the fruit and gives the exterior of the fruit a charred texture that is unlike anything else. 


easy summertime grilled fruit recipes grilled watermelon


Make sure you pick fairly firm fruits like melons, pineapples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, figs to grill because the denser the fruit, the more likely they will hold their shape on the grill and not become mushy. You also want to choose fruit that is close to being ripe, not overripe. 


Leave the fruit in large pieces that way they will hold their shape when being grilled and don’t fall through the grates of the grill. It is also important to follow the recipe and prepare your fruit properly for grilling. Some recipes recommend coating the fruit in oil or melted butter or sugar for maximum results when grilling. 


cake berry cobbler recipes easy grilling recipes for summer


If you haven’t tried grilling fruit on a grill yet, we highly recommend you try it this summer! We’ve listed some great grilled fruit recipes below to help get you started. And we threw in some desserts because, why not?



grilled pineapple sundae recipe for summertime


Grilled Side Dishes


Grilling vegetables is a great way to cook everything all on one surface for dinner or for your next cook-out. We eagerly wanted to share some tips with you when it comes to preparing your veggies for the grill that will make your whole grilling experience a breeze since you’ll be a pro by the end of this blog!


Before grilling veggies on the grill, make sure to prep them for the grill. This means coating them in oil and seasoning them with at least salt and pepper before they hit the grill. Some recipes might require you to marinate them beforehand which would add even more flavor. 


charred cabbage with goat cheese cucumbers recipe for summer


Don’t just wash the vegetables and place them on the grill. You wouldn’t do that to a steak, would you? We hope not!


Another important step for some larger, denser vegetables is cooking them slightly beforehand. Because these veggies such as potatoes, carrots, and yams need a little bit more cooking time than say skinny asparagus, save yourself some time and boil them in the water ahead of grilling them. Unless you want to wait a very long time for those to be fully cooked on a grill, then go for it. 


cheesy foil pack potato recipe easy grilling recipes


Here are some delicious grilled vegetable recipes for you to try this summer!



Best Mains on the Grill


Growing up in Upstate, NY, I have fond memories of my parents cooking dinner on the grill during the summertime. Being that summer only lasts a couple of months, they would take advantage of the warm weather and grill several nights a week for dinner. We would often have grilled BBQ chicken, a nice strip steak, and spiedies, which is a local favorite.


Spiedies consist of pork, chicken, veal, or lamb cubes marinated in Italian spices and then grilled on skewers. Spiedies are traditionally eaten as a sandwich on fresh Italian bread, but they taste great in salads or, one of my personal favorites, on pizza.  


island chicken with banana peppers cilantro recipe for the grill


Now, since most people can’t get spiedies in their local grocery store unless you live in Upstate, NY(they are easy to make at home, by the way), we have included plenty of other awesome grilling recipes for your summertime cook-outs. We tried to include as many different types of proteins as possible to keep the recipes interesting and not all steak and chicken recipes. 


grilled swordfish charred leeks and citrus recipe for on the grill


Check out these summertime grilling recipes and let us know what ones you will be grilling up this summer!



lemony grilled shrimp recipe for summer


Grilling on a Foreman Grill


Not everyone owns an outdoor grill, and we totally understand that. So we decided to include some great grilling recipes that can be made on a Foreman grill or any portable indoor grilling surface. 

It’s not about where you grill, but what you grill that really counts. 


easy waffle recipe on a foreman grill


Now if you really don’t like any of the recipes listed, check out our other blogs for more grilling and cooking inspiration. 


You can find more recipes here in our 41 Festive Recipes for  Fabulous 4th of July, and 21 Easy recipes for a Memorable Memorial Day blogs. As always, if you have any great grilling recipes that your family and friends rave about and beg you to share with them, please share them with us in the comments section below.


Grilling Safety


Remember to practice safe grilling when you and your family are outside. Make sure that your sleeves are rolled up and that your apron is properly tied up. Check for propane leaks near your gas grill before lighting up the grill. If you smell gas near your grill or your flame won’t light, you may have a propane leak. 


Always be ready to put out a gas fire before you start grilling which means keeping a fire extinguisher handy and make sure you and your family know how to use it in case of a fire. Never use water to put out a grease fire. Instead, keep baking soda or sand near the grill in case of a grease fire. 


For more grill safety tips, check out Grilling Safety from the National Fire Protection Agency. 


Happy National Grilling Month and always practice safe grilling!