Curate your own Independent Interior Design Style

7/10/2019By Kira Hovancik

Your personal design style is a reflection of your past and present experiences. 


So there is no reason that you can’t mix up your decorating style and incorporate vintage family heirlooms with new, modern pieces and affordable household items to create your own unique design aesthetic. 


Just because you purchased a brand new home, doesn’t mean you have to fill it with brand new things. Truly, there is really only one thing you need to know about interior decorating. Learn how to mix up old and new and inexpensive and expensive pieces to create a design style that’s as unique as you. 


It’s that simple!




Where to Start


You just bought your new house, and now it’s finally time to start decorating right? Yes! 


But where do you start? 


I have been asking myself this question for the last couple of weeks, and we haven’t even looked at houses yet. Once a planner, always a planner, I guess. 


Whether starting from scratch or looking for some simple inspiration, start here to kickstart your interior design process for your new home. 


  • Art - Art speaks to many people in its own way. And when you like something, you want to keep it around. 


Art is a great way to start designing your future home and allows you to work off something beautiful that you enjoy admiring. Pulling colors from a piece of art allows the colors in the space to be cohesive and give you a good guide for how to decorate the room. 

Art does not have to be expensive and is totally subjective meaning you might like something and your husband may not and that is okay. Find art you enjoy together for those shared spaces, and, the other rooms you end up decorating yourself, you can design off the artwork that you enjoy admiring. 

You can also use your creative senses and create your own artwork to be inspired by. Many towns offer painting classes that you can register online and an artist will help you paint the piece for that class. You can head outside and paint what you see to make your own unique artwork. 


finding great art for your new home does not have to be expensive



  •  Lighting - One thing every room in your home will have is light. It could be from a tableside lamp, ceiling fan, floor lamp, pendants in the kitchen, you name it. Every room will have some sort of light source that can serve as the inspiration for the design of that space. 

Take your inspiration from the shape, color, texture of the lampshade, the color of the lamp, the finish of the lamp or pendant lighting. Light makes spaces appear taller which can help make any small space appear larger.


design your new space around lighting for that room



  • Flooring - One of the largest design features in your home is the flooring color and material. Hopefully, the flooring in your new home is something you enjoy looking at because it really ties everything together in terms of your interior design. 

I am a sucker for flooring that looks like real wood floors. It is much easier to clean like a rolled vinyl flooring or a woodgrain plank tile flooring. The warmth from the wood-finish brings warmth to the whole house, which fits with the rustic design style I envision for my future home. 


great flooring options for brand new home



  • Color - Fabric, and color can be similar in terms of great places to start designing your space. Once you find the perfect hue to accent your space, you can be on your way to starting to decorate. 


Once you have your main furniture pieces and interior room colors such as paint and floor color in neutral colors, you can add in pops of your “color” that you chose for that room, and go to town! This is a great way to start decorating because it allows you to have a very specific design focus. By investing in neutral furniture pieces and adding pops of color in fun accessories or art pieces, you are able to change up the design of the room easily by changing out the smaller accessories and not having to purchase all-new, and more costly, large furniture pieces. 


If you keep most of the room a neutral canvas, then the pops of color will really shine in your space. 


pops of color bring design together in your new space


  • Fabric - This could seem overwhelming, but just like shopping for clothes, you know when you find a fabric you enjoy wearing or a pattern you always gravitate towards. 


For some people, it’s floral patterns. For others its stripes or polka-dots. That same inspiration can be drawn upon for your interior design aesthetic. If you find the most perfect throw pillow in the perfect fabric, design the room based on the pillow’s color, shape, texture, etc. Whatever draws you into that fabric should help you design a space fit for it. 


From throw pillows to comforters, curtains, area rugs, dish towels, or dining table napkins, any fabric can bring you inspiration for any room in your home. 


Some people recommend starting with a rug since it brings the whole room together, but I would recommend starting with whatever pieces you are drawn to first, and go from there. 


throw pillows are a great way to start designing a new space

However you decide to start your interior design process, just know that everyone is different. There is no right or wrong way to decorate! Some people love not having a plan and decorating as they go since not having a plan allows them to let their creative flag fly and feels more organic. We just wanted to bring you some tips to start designing because it’s that one of the best parts of owning your own home! When you own your own home, you can decorate it as you see fit.


Thrift Stores


As Macklemore stated, “One man's trash, that's another man's come up.” 


Thrift stores and vintage antique stores are a great way to incorporate older pieces into your new home. Always be on the lookout for quality pieces that will last you the investment that you are putting back into them by purchasing them. Some great interior pieces to find at thrift stores or antique stores are large mirrors, real wood furniture, large vases, and antique rugs. 


shopping at thrift stores find great finds for new home



Large to medium-sized mirrors bring more light into any room in your home. Placing a mirror across from a window instantly adds more light into the room, and brightens it up naturally. You can find old vintage mirrors at an antique store and refurbish it to make it fit your personal style of your home. A touch-up of paint or a good cleaning can bring back a vintage mirror to have a second life in your home. 


That regal vintage style is hard to find these days at most modern retailers. You’ll end up spending a fortune on something made to look that vintage, plus mirrors are expensive no matter what brand. It might take more time, but with a little elbow grease, finding a gem like a floor-length mirror at a thrift store is worth your efforts to bring more light and an older vintage piece into any room of your home. 


Another great idea for bringing more light into any room of your home is turning an old picture frame into a mirror. This can be done with any size frame and is a pretty simple craft project. Check out this awesome DIY on how to repurpose a picture frame into a mirror on the Dream A Little Bigger Blog.


Garage Sales


Garage sales are a great way to find and repurpose someone else’s furniture for your own space, plus sometimes you can find the most unique vintage finds since people don’t usually get rid of things very often. Like when was the last time you clean out your closet? 


Many people, like me, are hoarders. It’s all about self-acceptance, right? Right.


At a garage sale, you gotta keep your eyes peeled for cheap decor pieces that are cheap able to be updated. Look for pieces that have “good bones” so that if you do need to restain the coffee table or wooden desk, or reupholster the entire love-seat in a new fabric, you can because it’s got great structure intact to be refurbished. Don’t just buy someone else trash because you thought you could revive it and DIY it back to life. Trash is trash.


Still struggling to find what you’re looking for at a garage sale? Check out this great article from Money Crashers on Garage Sale Shopping Tips


Family Heirlooms


The idea of having family heirlooms in a brand new homes feels comforting because you know those pieces were enjoyed by your family members for years. Now, you can enjoy them in your new home. It’s a special feeling and you can’t put a price on that. Whatever types of items you get from family and friends, thoroughly exam them to detect any longterm damage or wear-and-tear. 


Inspecting every item before using it in your home allows you to fix any damage and make it brand new before use in your home. 


great way to decorate your new home using family heirlooms



It’s Your Home


No matter where you end up shopping for home decor one thing is certain. No matter what you fill your home up with, it will be your home. As much as I love pinning inspiration on Pinterest, I know how I furnish my home will be as unique as me, and it will never look exactly like a Pin on Pinterest. 

Home is where the heart is, so make sure you fill it up with the things you love. If you are ready to own the home of your dreams, find a Legacy Housing dealer near you today! Click the link to start building your legacy.