How to be Energy-Efficient this Winter Season

11/25/2019By Kira Hovancik

Now with the winter season upon us, it’s time to save some money on your home’s energy bill and spend it on people you only see once a year. Kidding. But also, where does the money go?


We came up with some great tips for you to try out this winter season that will help keep those high energy bills down and save you some coin. So, let's get to it!



energy saving tips for keeping your new home energy efficient this winter season


Energy-Saving Tips


The winter season is a great time to save some money on your energy bills and we have just the energy-saving tips for you. Before you even touch your thermostat, we have some cold-weather tips that will help you warm-up without jacking-up the heat.


  • Wear weather-appropriate clothing inside to reduce your demand to turn up your thermostat. Hello, fuzzy socks!
  • During the daytime, let the natural sunlight heat your home by opening up your window coverings and blinds.
  • A change in seasons means a change in your bedding. So yes, go shopping. Purchase some thicker bedding options such as flannel sheets and heavier comforters to stay warmer in the colder months.
  • Check all windows and doors to ensure they are properly sealed and not letting all your precious heat escape.
  • Invest in an electric heating blanket for your living room and bedrooms. They are pretty affordable and don’t cost much when it comes to your energy bill.
  • Make sure you change your thermostat before you leave town if you go on vacation for the holidays. Drop your thermostat between fifty to sixty degrees while you are away to prevent the pipes from freezing while also being energy-efficient.
  • Don’t fidget with your thermostat! Keep your thermostat on “Auto”, not “On”,  and let it do its job. Changing your thermostat even a couple of degrees means it is constantly heating and adjusting to a new temp which ends up costing you money since it’s working in overdrive.
  • Consider investing in a programmable thermostat. They adjust to your schedule and heating/cooling preferences and are able to be programmed outside your home, usually through an app on your phone! So convenient and energy-efficient.
  • To lower your water heating costs this winter, turn down the temp of your water heater. This sounds crazy, but hear me out. By turning down your water heater to one-hundred and twenty degrees(120°F) you will save water heating costs, it will still be hot enough to shower, and it will be better for your skin during the cold, dry winter.
  • When washing clothes, opt to run larger loads instead of multiple smaller loads to reduce your energy usage. And if you can wash clothing in colder water, that helps too since most of the electricity costs come with heating up the water.


energy efficient lighting options for mobile homes


Lighting Options


With all the lighting options out there, we as consumers are lucky to be able to purchase light bulbs that are energy-efficient. Replacing all traditional light bulbs(incandescent bulbs) to LED light bulbs can increase your home’s energy efficiency, especially in high traffic rooms in your home.


If you don’t want to replace all the bulbs in your house, that’s totally fine. Focus on the bulbs in lighting fixtures that you leave on longer than two hours per day. That is a good place to start if you don’t want to tackle the whole house before the holidays. 



LED lighting options for new mobile homes and smart home technology


LED Bulbs


LED light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting according to the U.S Department of Energy. They also end up lasting up to twenty-five times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. So if you were thinking about switching your old light bulbs to LED light bulbs or even Smart LED light bulbs that you can control with your phone or smart-home hub, the time is now. 

These light bulbs tend to have a higher upfront cost, but you end up replacing them less in the long run compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. 

Another lighting tip before you put up all those outdoor holiday lights is switching your outdoor lights to LED lights or even better, lights with motion sensors so that they don’t stay on for extended periods of time. Solar outdoor lights are easy to find and very low-maintenance as well.


led light bulbs for the holidays to keep your home energy efficient this holiday season


If you have any energy-saving tips, we would love to hear from you in the comment section below!