What Exterior Siding do I choose for my Manufactured Home?

3/27/2020By Casey Mack

Manufactured Homes of today are way different than that old singlewide or doublewide your grandparents lived in back in the day.  These days, a government agency called HUD regulates the building & the materials used within new homes that are constructed by over 60+ factories across America and it has created uniformity across the homebuilding spectrum.  HUD requires either metal, vinyl siding, or a new hardie board option that site-built homes are now using across the world called Smart Panel.

Legacy homes are built with a choice between two different types of siding.  Vinyl siding is our standard offering for every home built.  Strong Vinyl inserts with a true-grain wood finish that is resistant to UV rays, rain, and is low maintenance, with no painting or no scraping needed.  While Vinyl inserts are a great look, they can blow away or disappear in straight-line winds that hit your area and replacing them with fresh non-aged brand new tiles can sometimes look weird & reduce your homes' curb appeal.  

With Smart Panel Siding, your home can be protected from the elements with one of the best, sturdiest residential siding features of the past 20 years.  Featuring a look almost identical to wood planks, smart panel siding is durable, sturdy, and is hail, termite, mildew, and fungal resistant.  It can withstand straight-line winds better than any other home siding.

Three types of Smart Panel Siding are available on a new Legacy home.  Vertical smart panel, horizontal smart panel called Lap Siding and a stained smart lap siding that offers two unique color patterns such as Cedar & Silver Ash.  Smart Lap Siding features a unique look that offers even more curb appeal and increased protection from the elements with it's horizontal overlapping siding look..

Smart panel siding is also beautiful and has a curb appeal that will have your neighbors talking. With over 22 colors to choose from, smart panel is great for customers looking for that one home component that will set their home apart from their neighbors.

With global warming & weird unseen weather patterns occurring more frequently, it's best to go with a tested, tried & true siding that will weather the elements for years to come.  It is worth the extra money to protect your home with Smart panel siding, we hope you agree and add to your new Legacy home build.