25 Tips & Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Mobile Home

4/1/2020By Kira Hovancik

No time to clean then like the present. Since it is the start of the spring cleaning season, we wanted to share our favorite tips and tricks on how to clean your mobile home and how to get motivated to clean since that is truly the hardest part of cleaning. With all these spring cleaning tips and tricks, you will be ready to clean your home like a professional in no time! Merry Maids, who?


spring cleaning your mobile home cleaning tips and tricks



Create A Spring Cleaning Checklist


First and foremost, before you tackle the piles of clean(or dirty) clothes and reach under the sink for your cleaning supplies, you need to create a cleaning checklist. Creating a spring cleaning checklist is a way to stay organized before tackling, what feels like, a mountain of dirty work ahead of you. 


Here is an example of a cleaning checklist to help you get you started!


Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Declutter before cleaning - make your life easier when cleaning by decluttering first.
  2. Clean out the fridge and freezer and pantry if applicable.
  3. Dust overhead lights. 
  4. Replace any burnt light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  5. Dust blinds, light fixtures, and lampshades.
  6. Vacuum and wash air vents.
  7. Replace air filters if applicable - about every 90 days without pets, about every 60 days with pets, and about every 45 days if someone is prone to allergies.
  8. Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.).
  9. Wash windows - inside and out.
  10. Wash baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and wallboards.
  11. Disinfect door handles, frequently touched surfaces like the thermostat, the light switches, etc.
  12. Wash all household appliances.


There’s some debate online whether you should vacuum first and then dust or the other way around. Personally, dusting first makes sense to me since allergens and dust are floating around in the air and you would want to trap those first. To prevent the inevitable sneezing during dusting, wipe home surfaces down with a damp cloth first. 


Micro fiber dusters are known to trap a lot of dust, but I enjoy using a Swiffer Duster because it’s super user friendly, lightweight to hold, and doesn’t feel like I am dusting which is awesome. The extendable handle allows you to clean almost everywhere in your home and is great for on top of the kitchen cabinets, ceiling fan blades, and in the corners of each room where those pesky cobwebs like to congregate.


Want more tips for dusting like-a-pro? Check out this comprehensive guide on the 10+ 1 Ways to Control Dust in Your Home!


spring cleaning supplies tips and tricks for cleaning your new home and mobile home



Spring Cleaning: Start with the Laundry


After you’ve created your spring cleaning checklist, the next step is to go room to room and gather up as much laundry as you can. By tackling the laundry situation, you are not only starting the decluttering process, but you are also allowing the laundry to get clean while you are busy cleaning the house. The laundry is working while you are working hard! Winning!


Make sure to check all fabric tags before just tossing everything into the washer. We have all had to say goodbye to that one household item that should not have been washed, so lessoned learn, read the fabric tags for the correct washing instructions. One product that has saved many loads of laundry is the Shout Color Catcher sheets.


Just add one sheet, sometimes two sheets if it’s a new item that hasn’t been washed yet, to your load of laundry. The Color Catcher sheet absorbs and traps loose dyes that might have come off your clothes in the wash water. They protect your clothes so you can wash more colored clothes together, leading to fewer loads of laundry. Color Catcher sheets also help protect and preserve the original colors in your clothes so they are one of the best laundry products that I recommend you try!


mobile home spring cleaning checklist how to clean your home like a professional


Don’t forget to wash other house-hold fabric items in your home because those see regular usage too. Shower curtains, rugs, throw pillows, bedding, sheets, towels, and more should all be headed to the washer before you tackle the rest of the spring cleaning checklist. Allowing shirts and pants to air-dry on a drying-rack helps create more space for bulky items you need to fit in your dryer like sheets and towels.



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Lifehacks: Clean Like a Professional


After you create your cleaning checklist to keep you organized and you start a load of laundry, so now onto the actual cleaning. Here is a list of some of the best tips and life hacks to get you to clean your home like a professional. We understand everyone has their method of cleaning, but these tricks might help spark some joy in cleaning your home quickly so you can get back to enjoying your home.


Tips To Cleaning Like A Professional

  1. Try a new cleaning product to get you excited to clean.
  2. Put on some music and start jamming out.
  3. Wear breathable, comfy clothes that you aren't afraid to get a little dirty while cleaning.
  4. Declutter each room in your home, one at a time, before you start to clean.
  5. Invite a friend over to help clean or tackle a large cleaning project you can’t handle yourself.
  6. Stock up on cleaning supplies that way you always have what you need.
  7. Buy multi-use cleaning supplies that will make your life easier by not having to switch products as often.
  8. Try to do one small task a day that way cleaning tasks won’t feel overwhelming.
  9. Set a timer during cleaning so you can keep track of the time.
  10. Organize your cleaning supplies together.
  11. Get yourself a Swiffer Wet-Jet because who wants to mop?
  12. Clean the kitchen sink because everything seems to smell better.
  13. Make sure to reward yourself after you accomplish your cleaning tasks. Wine, ice cream, or some girl scout cookies will do. Remember, you deserve it!


life hacks to clean your new mobile home like a professional cleaning service


There are some great tips to get you ready to spring clean your mobile home and we hope you found some of the tips helpful. We didn’t touch on how to clean the outside of your mobile home, but be on the lookout for those cleaning tips in an upcoming blog. We would love to hear from you and how you spring clean your mobile home. 


Please feel free to share your cleaning tips and tricks in the comments section below and on our Legacy Housing Facebook page.