2/13/2021By Tim Slagle

It's SNOWING here in Louisiana. And we're still going strong. I notice while INSIDE our homes theyre often just as warm as being inside the office. These don't even have any electric yet, let a lone a fireplace running just one room over.

There's one that we have that features a wood burning fireplace. Very toasty for whomever buys it. Not to mention it has a great surround sound setup for entertaining folks. Sure would love to exchange that one for my DRAFTY house that I live in now. Thing was built in like the 70s or 80s and has 30-40 years of wear and tear. The room I game in has no weather stripping on the door and I can feel every temperature change come through it's exposed base. THESE HOUSES on the other hand are so well sealed up you CAN'T EVEN HEAR THE FREEWAY while you're standing right next to it, let alone the ONLY temperature difference you feel is WARMER while being in there.

If any one is going to come see us over the next few days DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE SLOW, STAY WARM.