7 Mobile Home Facts You Need To Know

2/12/2021By Kira Hovancik

In the manufactured housing industry, manufactured homes, or mobile homes, continuously have a negative stigma placed on them due to outdated information and negatively perceived myths about the people who live in them. There is a lot of misinformation out there that can be very misleading when it comes to manufactured homes. Here at Legacy, we know we build a fantastic manufactured home product at an affordable price point. But we also want to educate people about manufactured housing. 


We wanted to shed some light on some of the most common manufactured home facts and why you need to know them before purchasing a mobile home. We hope this information serves you well in your home buying process! Feel free to leave us a comment or question below. We look forward to hearing from you. 


mobile home facts legacy housing home facts that you need to know before purchasing a manufactured home


Mobile Home Facts 


Did you know that manufactured homes are easy to customize?

Not all manufactured homes look the same, and they are even more unique when you custom build your home for your family. The sky is the limit when it comes to the layout, flooring options, countertop materials, wall-colors, and kitchen appliances


The negative stigma surrounding manufacturing housing is that all homes look the same. This stigma originates from old mobile home parks and the vast park landscape filled with rows and rows of similar-looking homes(from their exteriors at least). The notion that all manufactured homes look the same is different today with a saturated market of mobile home manufacturers available who built very different style homes at a variety of price-points.  


Most home builders will be open to customizing homes for customers since the manufacturers have all the building materials available at their disposal anyways to change up the wallboards, countertops, sink fixtures, etc. 


mobile home facts about manufactured homes customize your own mobile home


Did you know that manufactured homes appreciate at a similar rate to site-built homes?

Manufactured homes, if properly maintained, often sustain their value and appreciate at a rate similar to the traditional site-built homes. Today's manufactured homes are so well-built, they are very comparable to a site-built home and therefore, a solid investment for homebuyers. Mobile homes built today are more relatable to current site-built homes than they are to the manufactured homes built in the 1970s. 


The key to building up a mobile home's value, or equity, overtime is to make sure your mobile home is securely placed on your land so that the mobile home becomes an original structure on your land. Just like a site-built home, your mobile home on your land builds up equity over time. Now, factors such as the location of the land, condition of the home, and demand for the land will determine how much value the property has. 


This value will change over time just as the housing market changes.


mobile home can appreciate in value when they are securely placed on your own land mobile home facts legacy housing mobile homes


Did you know that manufactured homes are regulated by the only federally-enforced building code?

HUD code regulates manufactured homes in areas such as energy efficiency, structural integrity, as well as wind resistance. Prefabricated homes fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government and specifically the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The government and its governing bodies regulate the construction of manufactured homes to ensure the homes fit certain safety standards. 


All mobile homes built from 1994 and onwards, are required by law to follow HUD code standards for construction.


manufactured homes are built under HUD code safety code and building regulations


Did you know that manufactured homes are built for long-term housing?

Most of the time, manufactured homes are securely placed on a permanent lot and are never moved during their lifespan. Manufactured home builders do not build homes to be temporary housing, although, there are certain circumstances such as natural disasters where temporary housing can be built for people who are displaced from their homes. Still, that is a rare occurrence. Manufactured home builders who have integrity, like Legacy Housing, build manufactured homes for the long term. 


With advancements in exterior skirting products, setting the homes down low to the ground, and adding a car-port or garage structure on the land, most people can't even tell the difference between site-built homes and factory-built homes. We here at Legacy Housing build our manufactured homes to outlast the finance note on our homes. 


new manufactured homes set low to the ground don't even look like mobile homes today mobile home facts


Did you know that it’s easy to obtain financing for a manufactured home?

Obtaining financing for a new manufactured home is not as complicated as it once was. Back in the day, it was harder to finance older mobile homes, but now with new mobile homes being built every day, this is a thing of the past. Many mobile home dealerships not only allow you to bring financing from your own, preferred institution, but they also offer in-house financing options for their customers.


Dealerships that carry in-house financing options normally offer an online pre-approval process for the in-house financing to make the entire process simpler and quicker for you when you visit their dealership. Nowadays, there are so many financing options available for manufacturing homes as well as tiny homes! If you are interested in obtaining financing for a manufactured home, click here


easy manufactured housing in-house financing with federal investors


Did you know that manufactured homes are regularly placed on private land in addition to mobile home parks?

More homes are being placed on private land versus mobile home communities than ever before. Over 65% of new homes are being placed on private land, which means greater freedom in the future for those new homeowners with what they can do with their mobile homes. By placing your manufactured home on your private land, your home earns equity over time, as we discussed earlier in this blog. 


more manufactured homes are being placed on private land than in mobile home parks mobile home facts


Did you know that manufactured homes are becoming popular with millennials?

Millennials are starting families and when they are looking for affordable housing options, manufactured homes are a great option for some! They want to buy a great home at an affordable price, and manufactured homes are built to be affordable for the end consumer. Manufactured homes come in a variety of floorplans and square footage.


Especially in rural areas, manufactured homes are very popular with new homeowners or first-time home buyers. The land is generally cheaper outside of a metropolitan area, so by obtaining land, they can choose what they would like to put on it in terms of housing options. Manufactured homes were designed to be more affordable because of the manufacturing process and building materials that go into making a mobile home compared to traditional site-built homes. 


millennials are purchasing more mobile homes now than ever before starting families and purchasing family friendly mobile homes legacy housing


Affordable Manufactured Homes 


Affordable homes are being built every day by mobile home manufacturers like Legacy Housing. See our functional floorplans, family-friendly designs, and standard-features-packed homes that are built by families, for families. Learn more about why our homes are Taller, Wider, Better than the rest here on our website. 


We thank you for reading this blog and hope you learned more about manufactured homes and the facts behind them.


11 Reasons to Invest in an Aluminum Gutter System

5/14/2020By Kira Hovancik

A good home gutter system has one job and that is to protect your home and the foundation of your home from potential water damage. Gutters divert rainwater away from your home and the landscaping that surrounds it. In the springtime, there is much rain to be expected so protecting your home is a very important investment to make. 


protect your landscaping and foundation of you new home by investing in a gutter system that will protect your home for years to come


When choosing a mobile home, it is important to keep in mind that your home is a future investment and you want to protect it for the longterm. Investing in a gutter system for your mobile home is not only a financially smart decision but also very beneficial for the home and the land longterm. Here we will explain why our high-quality aluminum gutter systems are one of the best investments a homeowner can make


11 reasons to invest in an aluminum gutter system for your new home or mobile home protect your investment


Aluminum Gutter System


So why should you invest in a new gutter system? It’s a great question that we are happy to answer. First, you have the practical reasons to invest in a new gutter system. An aluminum gutter system will protect your home and windows from run-off water. 


Second, the gutter system protects your landscaping and topsoil from unwanted run-off water. What makes our aluminum gutter system different is our unique fascia design that extends the overhang by 6”. Another pro of our gutter system is that by adding a gutter system to your new mobile home, you are adding a more residential type look to your home comparable with most site-built homes. 


Gutters are placed to extend beyond the eaves of the roof to collect rainwater and possible hail runoff along all edges of the roof. With the help of our steep pitched roofs, the rainwater can flow faster due to the increased incline into the deeper troughs of the aluminum gutter system. Just make note that the downspouts need to be cleaned at least twice a year to prevent clogged gutters and future water backup. 


Our aluminum gutter system is now available on all home models.

reasons why you should invest in a gutter system for your next home protect your future home and the landscaping from rainwater damage


Gutter System Benefits


Here are the key benefits of having a gutter system installed on your new Legacy mobile home:


  • Extended home overhang
  • Protects doors and windows
  • Protects landscaping and topsoil
  • Protects siding from water stains
  • Stop mold and mildew growth
  • Mitigate paint damage 
  • Protects water pooling on sides of the home
  • Protects the foundation and driveway
  • Longlasting protection - aluminum gutters average lifespan is 20+ years
  • Cost-effective - aluminum gutters are a cost-efficient option for homeowners
  • Seemless design - less prone to leakage 


11 reasons why investing in a gutter system is the best thing you can do as a new homeowner for your new mobile home close up image of our aluminum gutter system


Gutter Specs

  • 6” Overhang
  • Fascia Design
  • 26 Gauge Aluminum
  • Downspouts, Elbows, and Hangers included


11 reasons why you should protect your home with aluminum gutter system from Legacy housing upgrade your mobile home with aluminum gutters


Protect Your Investment


Our engineers here at Legacy Housing, have designed and crafted the aluminum gutter system that does not only enhance the look of your mobile home but is also affordable for you as the customer. An aluminum gutter system helps protect the soil around your home’s perimeter to be more stabilized which results in reducing the chances for foundation issues later on. Without a gutter system in place, the possibility of improper drainage is more likely to occur and could incur future costs. 


protect your future home investment with a legacy housing aluminum gutter system on your brand new mobile home


If you are an avid gardener(like my boss) or really take pride in landscaping around your mobile home, then make sure you protect all your hard work with our aluminum gutter system on your next mobile home.


protect you investment and install an aluminum gutter system on your next mobile home


Protect your biggest investment with a well-designed gutter system for your new Legacy mobile home. 


Do you have aluminum gutters on your home? We want to hear what your experience is with gutter systems in your home. Please let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you!


legacy housing aluminum gutter system is affordable and a smart investment for the customer to make towards their new mobile home purchase


Why Vinyl-Wrapped Cabinets Outperform the Competition

4/30/2020By Kira Hovancik

Choosing the right mobile home is no easy feat. There are a plethora of things you have to take into consideration. From the number of bedrooms you need to the type of flooring you want throughout the house, there is a lot to choose from. 


One of the most important spaces when making a home buying decision in the kitchen. You spend so much time in the kitchen, so it’s gotta be one of the most functional spaces in the entire home. And in the kitchen, the cabinets could be a major deciding factor for how functional your space really is. 


vinyl-covered kitchen cabinets legacy housing mobile homes comes standard


Legacy Kitchen Cabinets


Your kitchen may be one of the most used spaces in the entire house. From the most important meal of the day to spending family time together during dinner, there is always something going on in the kitchen. That is why it’s important you choose a kitchen that is durable, functional, and made of quality materials. 


Every step of the home manufacturing process at Legacy is carefully thought out with strategy, and our cabinets are no exception. 


standard cabinet doors vinyl vacuum wrapped wood doors legacy housing mobile homes


What Are Legacy Cabinets Made Out Of? 


The typical manufactured home that you visit at a dealership will have wooden cabinets with paper wrapping. This has been the standard for as long as we can remember, and we’ve been in the business for a long time. However, when it comes to the manufacturing decisions in our Legacy mobile homes, we listened to other mobile homeowners' frustrations about our competitor’s cabinet doors decreasing in quality over short periods of time.


legacy housing cabinets vinyl-wrapped covered cabinets durable and long lasting


That is why Legacy mobile homes include vinyl-covered cabinets, with a vacuum-sealed finish as the standard cabinet option in all our mobile home models. We also make them in-house which ends up saving you money. 


Now, it’s not just the vinyl-covered cabinets that set’s Legacy’s kitchen cabinets apart from the competition. We also build our cabinets with thick, sturdy, ¾” cabinet stiles. With a thick, water-resistant cabinet stile, we are able to use a heavy-duty hinge to withstand years of usage because we know kitchen cabinets go through tough usage in every home.


To put this in perspective for you as the consumer, most of our competitors use ½” paper-covered stiles. That’s why we say we build taller, wider, and better mobile homes. 


3/4'' vinyl-wrapped cabinet stiles come standard in legacy housing mobile homes


Space For A Full-Sized Trash-Can


The kitchen pantry we build in every home is something the owners have spent years perfecting. Our kitchen pantries have 3 deep, full-sized shelves that are designed for real-life customers who want to buy the family-sized boxes of cereal because why would you buy the small boxes of Coco-Puffs when you can have the mega box of Coco-Puffs? I rest my case.


Our kitchen pantries are designed for real-life customers who need to have large trash-cans that don’t want to leave the trash can out in the middle of the kitchen for all to see(and smell!). We’ve designed a place in the pantry for your trash can for functionally and convenience.


vinyl-wrapped kitchen cabinets with space to fit large trash can by legacy housing


Why Paper Doesn’t Work


We are sure you could guess why paper covered cabinets don’t work. Why would you want paper covered cabinets above the hot stove where you boil water, cook spaghetti sauce, and flambe bananas foster? The paper over time is going to bubble, peel, and become ruined by daily exposure to hot water or any type of liquid. Um, not cute. 


paper covered cabinets common in popular mobile homes but not legacy housing mobile homes we use vinyl-wrapped cabinet doors

Who Manufactures Vinyl Covered Cabinets? 


When taking a look at our competitors, we found that Legacy is the only mobile home manufacturer that uses vinyl wrap for their cabinets instead of the generic and not so durable paper wrap. We also make those vinyl-covered cabinets in-house which allows us to change up the vinyl-covered wrapping options each season. This allows us to have better control over the quality and the variety of our products. 


Manufacturing in-house increases our savings which translates into more affordable options for you, our customers. Be on the lookout for a new style of kitchen and bathroom cabinets from Legacy Housing in the fall! 


legacy housing functional beautiful vinyl-wrapped kitchen cabinets throughout entire home taller wider better


The original blog is written by Omar Marquez; updated by Kira Hovancik 

Top 3 Advantages of Modular Homes

4/28/2020By Kira Hovancik

Legacy Housing is one of the top mobile home manufacturers in the United States. We have been in the business of building mobile homes and tiny houses for 15 years now and have worked our way up to being one of the top builders in our industry. But did you know that Legacy Housing also manufactures modular homes? 


It’s true! We build modular doublewide homes in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Coming in 2020, we will add Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida to the list of states we can build our modular doublewides in. 


3 advantages of modular homes by Legacy housing based in Texas and the southern region of the U.S.A


Modular Homes


You may be wondering, what makes it a modular home versus a manufactured home? Great question! Modular homes, as well as modular buildings, consist of repeated physical sections of prefabricated building modules. These prefabricated modules are normally built inside a factory and then assembled on-site. 


Modular is also a method of construction that consists of building sections of the modular home, say for example the walls, flooring, roof, etc, away from the final building site and/or intended final building site. A modular home is essentially built in pieces, inside a factory setting, and then later assembled at the final building site such as on a piece of land or in a suburb community. Manufactured homes are like the name suggests, manufactured in a manufacturing factory, and are assembled from start to finish inside the factory.


legacy housing factory plant manufacturer of mobile homes tiny homes and modular prefabricated homes


Advantages of Modular Homes


advantages of building modular homes from top manufacturer Legacy Housing Georgia Eatonton factory


Built to Code


One of the main advantages of modular homes is that they can be built for most residential areas. Modular homes are built to the same IRC(International Residential Code) and NEC(National Electric Code) as traditional site-built homes and are acceptable by most cities. Because modular homes are built to the same codes as site-built homes, they can be placed in the same communities as traditional site-built homes.


built to code stronger and more energy-efficient modular homes by Legacy Housing


Stronger Walls


Another advantage of modular homes is that they are built with stronger walls and trusses. At Legacy, we use more lumber for all the framing of the homes, as well as nails, straps, and special adhesives during the construction process. All these add for stronger construction and additional strength of the home. 


The trusses that we build for our Legacy modular homes use twice as many wall studs at the openings and we also use top plates for additional strength in our modular homes. Modular homes have higher framing and construction standards than say traditional HUD codes, so when building our Legacy modular homes, we have to meet those construction requirements. Modular homes also have higher electrical standards, higher HVAC standards, as well as higher plumbing standards. 


strong building codes with legacy's modular homes prefabricated homes legacy housing HUD code homes mobile homes


Energy Efficient


Lastly, another one of the advantages of a Legacy modular home is the homes we build are even more energy-efficient than the mobile homes we build, which are built to HUD code. We use even more energy-efficient windows with better solar heat gain than we do in our traditional mobile homes. We also use more home insulation to keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 


Modular homes have higher energy efficiency standards so we have to meet those requirements when we build our modular doublewide homes. 


energy-efficient modular homes built by Legacy Housing corporation mobile homes prefabricated homes built in USA


Modular Homes Near You 


No matter if you are interested in a manufactured home or a modular home, Legacy Housing is here to help you with all your affordable housing needs. We even build tiny homes if a doublewide home is too big of a home for your housing needs. Click here to find a Legacy Housing dealer near you!


Would you ever consider a modular home? Feel free to leave your comments below. As always, we look forward to hearing from you! 


find Legacy Housing dealers near you modular prefabricated homes built by Legacy Housing


Top 3 Largest Mobile Homes for Growing Families

4/9/2020By Kira Hovancik

Legacy Housing is known for building the tallest, widest manufactured homes in the industry. Our homes are built to maximize interior space, stretched to the maximum legal width so that you can fill your new home with all the traditional furniture options, and still have room to walk around comfortably. Since we build some of the widest mobile homes in the industry, we wanted to share with our readers our top three largest mobile home models for large, growing, and extended families.


largest mobile homes for growing and extended families large homes large family sized homes and mobile homes


Legacy’s Biggest Doublewide Homes


Our 32-wide homes and our 36-wide homes have vaulted ceilings reaching a peak of 9 feet! Talk about having that big-home feel in your doublewide home. Living your doublewide-dream can now be a reality in one of Legacy’s top mobile home models. 


All Legacy floorplans have been designed by our team of top engineers, plus one of the owners himself, to build the best value, most functional manufactured homes on the market. Legacy homes are some of the most affordable homes in the industry, priced right for big families.


Here is our list of our top three mobile home models for large families.


largest doublewide mobile homes near me growing family home


Top Legacy Floorplan #1: 36x80-435FLPA


The first home we want to feature for growing families is our largest floorplan to date. The 36x80-435FLPA floorplan has 2,667 square feet of functional living space with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths plus a gorgeous front porch. 


When you walk into this huge home, you will see the spacious living room that is open to the massive kitchen and dining room space. The u-shaped bar island allows for extra seating in the kitchen as well as plenty of countertop space for entertaining. Next to the dining room area is one of the best rooms in the whole house; the entertainment room. 


The entertainment room sits on the left side of the house where the other bedrooms are located. Having an entertaining space on this side of the house is perfect because it is opposite of the master bedroom ensuite which is located on the right side of the house. With a large entertainment room, the possibilities are endless! Movie nights with the neighbors, hosting large parties with family and friends has never been easier with all the space in this home. 


On top of an insanely large entertainment room, kitchen, and dining room spaces, you have the spacious master bedroom and master bathroom on the opposite end of the house. Complete with a fiber-acrylic standing shower and separate jacuzzi tub, opposing beauty sink areas complete with full-sized medicine cabinets and under-the-sink storage, two walk-in closets, and an entrance into the utility room for ease of access to household utilities, this house is fully-loaded. 


Growing families who are looking for a home to fit all their family members, comfortably and functionally, should check out Legacy’s 36x80-435FLPA floorplan! 


one of the largest mobile homes double wide homes on the market



Top Legacy Floorplan #2: 32x84-535A


The second home we want to feature for growing families is another one of our larger floorplans that we build and is exclusive to our Fort Worth factory. The Heritage-32x84-535A floorplan has 2,494 square feet of functional space with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and is also available in modular code as well. 


This home is perfect for a larger, expanding family who might also want room for family members to spend the weekends or start living with them on a more permanent basis. The fifth bedroom in this floorplan is perfect for a “Nana & Papa Suite”. This bedroom has its own connecting bathroom compared to the other bedrooms in this floorplan, minus the master bedroom of course. It’s perfect for guests who might be staying overnight or more often.


top 3 largest mobile homes in the industry for growing families and extended families


On top of having five bedrooms and almost 2,500 square feet, this floorplan has a large, open kitchen concept and dining room area that flows into an entertainment room. The U-shaped kitchen bar allows for extra bar-style seating as an added bonus to the already large dining room area, which is large enough for an extended sized dining room table. The entertainment room has so much to offer for families who have young or growing children wanting to use their imagination to create their own inventive play space.


largest mobile homes legacy housing top 3 doublewide models from large families


Top Legacy Floorplan #3: 36x72-43A


The third and final home we want to feature for growing and extended families is another one of the top floorplans we build that is also available in modular code. If you don't know the difference between modular and mobile homes, check out our blog about modular homes here. Our 36x72-43A floorplan has 2,380 square feet of comfortable living space complete with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and is designed with a spacious entertaining floorplan, opening kitchen/living room space, and a secluded den in the back of the home. 


First off, this home has a huge front covered porch area that has some massive curb appeal. A front porch is not only inviting, but it’s an added bonus space that you can enjoy for the majority of the year. Step through the front door and you walk into a foyer. Yes, a foyer!


Because this home has an entryway built into the design, you walk into what does not feel like a traditional manufactured home. It’s really something special which is why it’s included in our top 3 list because this home feels so much more than your average manufactured home.


best mobile homes for large families and extended families doublewide dream


Now, after you hang up your coat in the front foyer coat-closet and take off your shoes, you make your way into the chef’s kitchen. This kitchen has all the bells and whistles that any cook or amateur chef could ever want. All our kitchens come with more functional vinyl-wrapped cabinets than our competitors and we really take pride in having the most functional homes in the industry. The living room and dining room are right off from the kitchen which makes it perfect for hosting weekly family gatherings and holiday celebrations with family and friends. 


On the right side of the house features the added bonus room of a den or entertainment room. Because of the door that separates the den, two other bedrooms, and the utility room from the kitchen/living room area, you really get a sense that you are in a whole other part of the house since it feels nicely secluded. You could turn this den into a man-cave, game room, movie room, or casual playroom. The possibilities are endless with all the added space and privacy.


looking for a larger home? check out legacy's top 3 largest mobile homes for growing families

Migrating over to the other end of the house is where the real treat lies. Ladies, listen up when we tell you that your dream walk-in-closet is located in this house. Swing through the double-doors into the master bedroom ensuite. The master bedroom is designed to fit a king-sized bed with flanking nightstands, with his/her dressers and room for much more. 


Keep walking through the spacious master bedroom and on the right-hand side, you will find the largest walk-in closet you’ve ever seen with an equally spacious master bathroom on the left-hand side. The closet features double-rod shelving for his and hers(mainly hers) clothing, plus sturdy 16” shelving in the middle for more closet organization and functionality. The master bathroom is also stocked full of standard features like a fiber-acrylic full-sized standing shower, a separate fiber-acrylic bathtub, two beauty counters fitted with beauty-lights, full-sized medicine cabinets, china lavvy sinks, and a closed-off toilet room for added privacy during those busy morning routines. 


Large families who are looking for a home to fit all their family members, plus maybe a couple of friends, should check out Legacy’s 36x72-43A floorplan! 


large families looking for large mobile homes check out legacys top 3 largest mobile homes


Taller! Wider! Better!


Legacy was founded on producing the tallest, widest, best most affordable mobile homes in the industry. We build our homes with quality materials backed by patented floorplans to offer our customers the most functional, furniture friendly, family-friendly manufactured homes on the market. Our floorplans come with more standard features than most other manufactured housing companies because we believe those important features should be standard, not an upgrade. 


We hope you enjoy reading this blog on our top 3 largest mobile home models for large and/or growing families. If you couldn’t tell which home is my favorite by this blog, well then that’s a true shame(it’s #3)! If you or someone you know is struggling with finding a home large enough to fit their entire family within a certain budget, feel free to touch base with a Legacy dealer near you. 


As always, please feel free to leave us your comments below! Which floorplan could you see you and your family living in? We look forward to hearing from you!